An Introduction

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I decided that if I’m going to spend time writing here, I should at least introduce myself. Though I’ve been sort of dreading this part. I don’t do well when I have to talk about myself. I either ramble on about some embarrassing fact, or say something vague and noncommittal that leaves the listener/reader to believe that I am super boring and they should stop talking to me immediately. Hopefully neither of those will happen.

So far I have, “My name is Jenny, I live in Los Angeles, and I would be cat lady, except that I don’t have a cat.” But that is terrible. That is both boring and embarrassing, so I have failed and I am sorry. But it’s hard to sum up a person in a few sentences. I’ve had a lifetime to figure out who I am, and I still don’t really know, so I doubt I can describe myself in one blog post. But I hope that as I write more posts, you will get to know me more.

I also hope that this blog will help me become more. I have good intentions, but I abandon projects faster than I can find them. For instance, I learned how to knit ten years ago, and I still haven’t completed even the simplest scarf. I bought the supplies for a DIY photo project two years ago that I haven’t completed. I buy ingredients for ambitious cooking projects and never use them (yep, I’m talking about you, spring roll wrappers, ingredients for homemade ketchup, whole wheat flour, brown sugar, etc). So I hope this blog will hold me more accountable and will inspire me to finish more the things I start. And hopefully it will inspire you as well.

So who am I? I am Jenny, and I have a blog. Read on to discover more!

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